Your job is complicated enough. Let us help with your direct hire searches and screenings. Perm Solutions understands the intricacies of placing providers from finding the right match to assisting with credentialing and licensing. We specialize in the direct hiring of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and dentists. Perm Solutions supports our candidates and clients all the way through the direct hire process from the interview to the first day of work. We work with a variety of clients including; hospitals, emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, urgent care clinics, mobile units, and correctional facilities.  

In addition to contacting interested candidates through our network, we will advertise your positions on multiple industry focused job boards, screen potential candidates to make sure they match your requirements, present with any credentialing information, facilitate phone interviews, assist with onsite visit details, submit credentialing documents, and assist with any other tasks related to the placement as requested.

Perm Solutions utilizes our experience and resources to match high quality candidates to your positions. We recognize that an open position or a position staffed by the wrong person can cost you money, therefore our priority is saving you time and money by finding the right direct hire in a timely manner.

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